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A completely healthy 30-something woman with acute chest pain

A previously healthy young woman presented to the ED with one hour of acute onset right sided chest pain and pressure, very severe, radiating down the right arm.

Here is her initial ED ECG…

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Effect of a Strategy of a Supraglottic Airway Device vs Tracheal Intubation During Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest on Functional Outcome

In adult patients with non-traumatic out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, does a supraglottic airway device compared with tracheal intubation as the initial advanced airway management strategy, improve functional neurological outcome?

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Approach to Chest Pain

One of the tricky things about patients who have chest pain is the huge differential that you have to consider. And some of these are pretty benign, while others can be fatal! But before you even consider the differential, you need to make sure the patient is stable. Start with the following…

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Resuscitation of a Drowning Victim: A Review

Drowning cases peak this time of year and represent a leading cause of mortality in children. For example, drowning represents the leading cause of death in boys ages 5-14 years old, and worldwide, there are 500,000 annual deaths from drowning. Hypoxic injury and subsequent respiratory failure represent the primary causes of morbidity and mortality.

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Wells’ Score + D-dimer to Rule Out PE

Excluding pulmonary embolism at the bedside without diagnostic imaging: management of patients with suspected pulmonary embolism presenting to the emergency department by using a simple clinical model and d-dimer.

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