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How do I use FRCEM Success?

Once you have logged in you will be presented with your Dashboard.

From here you can access all of the main features of the site:

  • Account:
    • Change your password or planned exam date
    • Purchase an extension to your membership
    • Reset your account statistics
  • Revision Session:
    • Set up a customised revision session allowing you to pick between categories and subcategories, as well as choosing to see only “New” or “Incorrect” questions only.
    • Your answers are marked instantly with an explanation shown and you will receive a running score as you answer the questions.
  • Mock Exam:
    • Start a timed mock examination with randomly drawn questions from all categories in the correct proportion as seen in the exam.
    • The timer can be paused and restarted if necessary.
    • Your score will be calculated at the end of the exam and you will be shown feedback for each question.
  • Textbook:
    • Bookmarked articles will appear here.
    • Clicking “View All” will open the textbook feature and allow you to browse and search for articles organised by curriculum themes.
    • Use the bookmark symbol in the top right of the article page to save an article.
  • Session Review:
    • The dashboard shows you your two most recently completed sessions.
    • Clicking “View All” allows you to review all of your previous revision sessions and mock exams.
    • You can filter questions by category or type in order to review specific questions.
  • Statistics
    • The dashboard shows a graph of your current overall score benchmarked against all users.
    • Clicking “View All” will open a detailed statistics page showing your Overall, Weekly and Category Progress.

Please Contact Us if you are having difficulty using any of the site features.

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